Tuesday, February 13, 2018

66th Annual Topeka Invitational Basketball Tournament

The annual Topeka Invitational Basketball Tournament for our varsity boy’s and girl’s teams, is on February 16th & 17th, in Topeka, KS.

The girls’ first game is at 12 noon and the boys’ first game is at 1:00 pm.

Brackets will be updated via the Page listed to the right.


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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Updated Brackets

Below is the link to updated brackets for the 6th grade boys and girls and 7-8 grade boys. The 6th graders and 7-8 girls both play tomorrow. The 7-8 grade boys are done until the Topeka Tournament.




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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Post Season Tournament Begins

Both sixth grade teams and the 7-8 boys teams opened up C.S.A.L. post season play with games on Saturday. The 6th grade girls began things off with a game against Resurrection. It was a hard fought game and the girls came back in the second half but fell short at the end. They will play again Monday night at 5:30.

The 7-8 boys had both of their games on Saturday. They started against a hot shooting team from St. Joe–Ost. Hard luck at the free throw line doomed the boys in that contest. Their second game was against St. Francis they started out well and took a lead in at halftime. Foul trouble in second half hurt them and they ended up on the short end. The boys are now done until the Topeka tournament next weekend.

The sixth grade boys also played twice and won both of their games. In the morning they easily downed an over matched team from St. Margaret Mary. In the second game the boys play a tough Resurrection team in a physical battle. They pulled away at the end with a victory that puts them in the semi-finals Monday night. They will play Collegiate at 6:30. If they win that game the championship game will immediately follow at 7:45.

The 7-8 grade girls will open their tournament on Monday with a 5:30 game against St. Francis. Their tournament is being hosted by Blessed Sacrament.

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Friday, February 9, 2018

Tournament Brackets

Below are the links to the  brackets from the various tournaments. The CSAL tournaments do charge $2 admission for high school and adults under 55.







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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Tournament Information

We are getting information on the post-season and Topeka tournament. Here is what we know at this time.

Sixth Grade Girls: The girls will play their first round game on Saturday at 9:00. They will play Resurrection at Resurrection. If they win they will play Monday at 6:30. If they lose they will most likely play Monday at 5:30.

7-8 Grade Girls: The first round for the 7-8 grade girls team will be on Monday.They will play St. Francis at 5:30. The tournament is being hosted by Blessed Sacrament

7-8 Grade Boys: They will open their tournament on Saturday at Collegiate. When will depend on the outcome of tonight’s game against St. Anne. A win tonight will have them playing Saturday at 9:00 in the north gym. A loss and the game will be a 10:00 game in the south gym. They will play a second game Saturday but when is not known yet.

6th Grade Boys: We do not have a bracket. There were many 6th grade games this week including tonight and so no bracket yet. They will almost certainly play on Saturday but time is unsure.

For tournaments the league does charge $2 admission  for adults. Children and seniors are free.

Topeka Tournament: Our teams will both play Bethany on Friday February 16. The girls will plat noon and the boys at 1:00. They will play two additional games but when will be based on how they do in the first game.

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Season Winding Down

This next week will the end of the regular season for our basketball teams. The 7-8 grade teams will both play this Saturday here at Holy Cross. The boys will take on Holy Savior at 2:00 followed by the girls playing Magdalen at 3:00. The final games for all teams will be Thursday February 8. The 6th grade girls will have a 5:30 game with Resurrection at Resurrection. The 7-8 boys will have an 8:30 game with St. Anne at St. Mary Derby. The post-season tournament will begin on Saturday February 10. No times or brackets are available yet.

The Topeka tournament will be February 16 and 17. We have not yet received game information for that yet. If you are going you do need to make reservations soon. The number for our hotel is (785) 234-5400. Please mention that you are with Holy Cross to get the lower room rate.

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Good games by Sixth Grade teams today

Both of the sixth grade teams were in action today. Each continues to show improvement and give great efforts in their games.

The girls team was the first be in action taking on the first place team from St. Thomas who entered the game with a 6-1 record. The girls were able to take an early lead and then gave a great effort on defense causing many turnovers by St. Thomas. They ended up cruising to a 25-10 victory. The girls will have their postponed game with Resurrection left before they go into post-season action. It will be a 5:30 game on February 8 at Resurrection against Resurrection

The boys played a great game as well and had a back and forth first half and a good start in the second but had a hard time dealing with the St. Catherine big man and fell 31-21. The boys played very hard the whole game and had quite a few shots just rim out. This was their final game of the regular season and will be off until the post-season tournament which is scheduled to begin on February 10

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Friday, January 26, 2018

This Weekend’s games

Our sixth grade teams are in action this Saturday and both play at St. Mary of Derby. The girls will have a 9:00 game against St. Thomas. They will wear their blue jerseys. The boys will then play at noon against St. Catherine. They will wear the white jerseys. This will be the final regular season game for the boys before their tournament which begins February 10. The girls still have their postponed game with Resurrection to play. It will be made up February 8 at Resurrection and start at 5:30.

The 7-8 grade teams are off until Saturday February 3. They will both have games here at Holy Cross that day. The boys will play Holy Savior at 2:00 and the girls Magdalen at 3:00

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Tomorrow’s Games Postponed

Tomorrow’s 6th grade girls and 7-8 grade boys games have been postponed. Tentative make-up is Thursday February 8. I will let all know when finalized.

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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Eagles in Action Three Times Today

Both 6th grade teams and the 7-8 grade girls team had games today. The 6th grade boys opened the day with a game against St. Joe Ost. The boys had a great effort and led for a good portion of the game but some hot shooting by Ost at the end allowed them to come out with a 44-33 win.

The 6th grade girls were never able to get much going in their game with St. Joe Ost. They played hard all the way but had trouble getting the ball in the basket.

The 7-8 grade girls played the second placed St. Catherine team again and had a great effort especially on the defensive end but they too came up shor

Next games for teams is on Tuesday. The 6th grade girls play Resurrection at Resurrection at 5:30. The 7-8 boys have a 7:30 game against St. Anne down at St. Mary Derby

Photos from the 6th grade boys game

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