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Mr. Gregg Wolgast is our Athletic Director for Holy Cross School. He has been with our school for over 3 years now and with children who have both graduated and are currently attending Holy Cross, he is a strong presence in our school and all of its programs. He has a long history in athletics having played or coached for more than forty years. The primary editor for this Athletic Blog site, he does a great job staying on top of all the sports offered here at our school. Feel free to reach out to him if you have any questions or desire a chance to volunteer.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Volleyball Post-Season Tournaments

With Saturday being the final regular season volleyball matches, next week will be the start of the post-season tournaments. While we will not know exact time or even day the tournament will begin until Sunday night, I can tell you that the seventh grade tournament is being hosted by St. Peter Schulte. The first evening of matches will be Tuesday October 9. All opening round games will be played either then or on Wednesday. There are 16 teams in this double elimination tournament which will conclude October 18. The eighth grade tournament is being hosted here at Holy Cross. The first day of those matches is Thursday October 13 and will also be played on Saturday the 15th and finish up the following Monday and Tuesday. Once brackets are finalized I will send them out to parents and post them here as well.
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Monday, October 1, 2018

Soccer Falls to The Classical School

The boy's soccer team dropped a hard fought game to the Classical School in the final home game of the season on Monday. It was a tight first half but Classical pulled away in the second half for a 4-0 victory. The B-Team played a third half game and the young team played well and showed how much they have improved during the season with a 1-0 loss. The team has two remaining regular season game both on Thursday and both at the A.Y.S.O. field. This week they will take on the Wichita Defenders in a game with a 5:00 start. Then on the 11th they will finish the regular season with a game with the Wichita Warriors. This is a make-up game for one scheduled earlier in the season but was rained out. It will start at 4:30.
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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Saturday Volleyball Results

Both volleyball teams saw action Saturday morning. The 6-7 grade team opened the day off with a three set match against a 5-1 team from St. Patrick. The girls played one of their best matches but came up just a little short. They then took on a talented team from Blessed Sacrament and dropped that match in two sets. The eighth grade team remained undefeated as they downed Blessed Sacrament in two sets. They also got a forfeit victory over St. Margaret Mary who was down to just three players for games today.  The two wins raises their record to 8-0 Next week will be the final regular season matches. The Eighth Grade Team will be at Collegiate for their matches.They will play Holy Savior at 8:30 and Magdalen at 10:10. The 6-7 Grade Team will have their matches at St.Thomas.They will be playing St. Mary Derby at 11:00 and St.Anne at 12:40.
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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Change in Eighth Grade Volleyball on Saturday

Due to a lack of numbers, St. Margaret Mary had to forfeit their matches on Saturday. The eighth grade team will just have the 10:10 match with Blessed Sacrament. There will be no 12:40 match.
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Monday, September 24, 2018

Soccer Comes Up Just Short vs Classical

The boys soccer team took an early 1-0 lead in their game versus the Classical School but were not able to hold on and fell 2-1. The boys had a number of good looks at goals in the second half but all just missed. The team will have a home game on Thursday against the Wichita Warriors. It will be at Holy Cross and begin at 4:30
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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Volleyball Results from Today

The volleyball teams were both in action. The sixth and seventh grade team dropped two close three set matches at S.E.A.S. The first was against St. Mary-Newton and the second St. Margaret Mary. The eighth grade team upped its record to 6-0 with two set victories over a previously undefeated St.Mary Derby and the second over St. Mary Newton.
Both teams will be in action next Saturday. The 6-7 Grade team will be at Holy Cross and play St. Patrick at 8:30 and Blessed Sacrament at 9:20. The eighth graders will have their matches at St. Thomas. They will play Blessed Sacrament at 10:10 and St. Margaret Mary at 12:40.
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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Volleyball Results and the week ahead

Saturday our 8th Grade Volleyball Team racked up two wins in games played SEAS. In the first match the team defeated St. Jude and the continued their winning ways with a victory over Resurrection.  The 6-7 grade played hard but came up short in their matches against St. Peter and St. Thomas. This coming week will be jam packed as the teams work around Outdoor Ed. Both volleyball teams will practice tomorrow and Tuesday, 3:45-5:30. The soccer boys will practice tomorrow and have a game Tuesday with Central Christian. That game will start at 4:00 and the boys will be released at 3:10 and depart at 3:20 for the game at C.C.A. Next Saturday the volleyball teams will be back in action. The 6-7 team will have their matches at S.E.A.S. and will play St. Mary Newton at 8:30 and St. Margaret Mary at 11:00. The eighth graders will play at St. Francis taking on St. Mary-Derby at 12:40 and then go up against St. Mary-Newton at 2:20. Thanks to all volleyball parents who helped the concession stand on Saturday. I really appreciate you taking the time to help out on a day when we had no teams playing at Holy Cross. Also soccer parents will be helping count the fall fundraiser turn-in tomorrow.
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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Soccer ties Wichita Defenders

The boys soccer team battled back twice in their game against the Wichita Home School Defenders. The Defenders scored the first goal of the game but the boys came back and tied the game up at 1-1. Later in the first half the Defenders again found the back of the net but early in the second half the boys tied it up again. The boys had a couple of near misses after that but none made it in the goal and the game ended in a 2-2 tie. The boys next game will be on Tuesday when they travel to Central Christian Academy. The game will have a 4:00 start.
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Monday, September 10, 2018

Soccer team downs Elyria

Congratulations to the boys soccer team who defeated Elyria Christian School 3-0. The game saw both teams getting good looks at the goal in the first half but our boys dominated the second half scoring three times and having a number of other great looks. In the B-game both teams fought hard but neither was able to find the net so the game end in a 0-0 tie. It has been great to see our young or inexperienced players show such good improvement during the season. Our next game is Thursday night when the Wichita Home School Defenders come to Holy Cross for a 4:30 game Sorry did not get any pictures of the game. My phone died just after I arrived at Elyria.
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Sunday, September 9, 2018

This week’s games

The fall sports season is in full swing and all of our teams will gave two games this week.  The soccer team will be at Eylria Christian School on Monday for a 4:30 start to their game. There will be a third half B-Game after the first game ends. The team members will be released at 3:00 to get changed and the plan is to leave by 3:15. On Thursday, the soccer team will have a home contest against the Wichita Defenders. it also will begin at 4:30. There is no B-Game as the Defenders numbers are low. The volleyball teams will be back in action on Saturday. The 6-7 grade team will be at St. Mary, Derby for their matches this week. They will play St. Peter at 9:20 with a match against St. Thomas right afterward. It is scheduled to begin at 10:10. The eighth graders will once again be at S.E.A.S. for their matches. They will play St. Jude at 1:30 and then play Resurrection at 2:20. We are hosting sixth grade matches here at Holy Cross and are still in need of people to help with the concession stand. If you are able to help either contact myself or Christine Tuck.
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