Sunday, September 9, 2018

This week’s games

The fall sports season is in full swing and all of our teams will gave two games this week.  The soccer team will be at Eylria Christian School on Monday for a 4:30 start to their game. There will be a third half B-Game after the first game ends. The team members will be released at 3:00 to get changed and the plan is to leave by 3:15. On Thursday, the soccer team will have a home contest against the Wichita Defenders. it also will begin at 4:30. There is no B-Game as the Defenders numbers are low. The volleyball teams will be back in action on Saturday. The 6-7 grade team will be at St. Mary, Derby for their matches this week. They will play St. Peter at 9:20 with a match against St. Thomas right afterward. It is scheduled to begin at 10:10. The eighth graders will once again be at S.E.A.S. for their matches. They will play St. Jude at 1:30 and then play Resurrection at 2:20. We are hosting sixth grade matches here at Holy Cross and are still in need of people to help with the concession stand. If you are able to help either contact myself or Christine Tuck.
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