Thursday, February 15, 2018

Additional Topeka Tournament Information

TOPEKA BOYS BRACKET TOPEKA GIRLS BRACKET As the Topeka tournament comes up just a reminder of some of the differences in the Topeka rules than C.S.A.L. First of all the game is played in quarters not halves. Each quarter is six minutes long and there is no running clock unless a team gets ahead by more than 25 points. Also, timeouts are a bit different. Instead of four full timeouts each team will get three full and two 30 second time-out. For the first round games, they will keep the posted times on the schedule. For the remainder of the games start time can be up to 10 minutes ahead of schedule. We will also have a minimum of five minutes for warm-up. We will let people know on time of the pizza party once we know when our final games will be.
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