Thursday, February 8, 2018

Tournament Information

We are getting information on the post-season and Topeka tournament. Here is what we know at this time. Sixth Grade Girls: The girls will play their first round game on Saturday at 9:00. They will play Resurrection at Resurrection. If they win they will play Monday at 6:30. If they lose they will most likely play Monday at 5:30. 7-8 Grade Girls: The first round for the 7-8 grade girls team will be on Monday.They will play St. Francis at 5:30. The tournament is being hosted by Blessed Sacrament 7-8 Grade Boys: They will open their tournament on Saturday at Collegiate. When will depend on the outcome of tonight's game against St. Anne. A win tonight will have them playing Saturday at 9:00 in the north gym. A loss and the game will be a 10:00 game in the south gym. They will play a second game Saturday but when is not known yet. 6th Grade Boys: We do not have a bracket. There were many 6th grade games this week including tonight and so no bracket yet. They will almost certainly play on Saturday but time is unsure. For tournaments the league does charge $2 admission  for adults. Children and seniors are free. Topeka Tournament: Our teams will both play Bethany on Friday February 16. The girls will plat noon and the boys at 1:00. They will play two additional games but when will be based on how they do in the first game.
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