Sunday, October 2, 2016

Volleyball Results from Saturday

It was a much better Saturday for the volleyball teams. The 8th and 7th grade teams went 1-1 and the 6th graders went 2-0 in their matches. The sixth graders went three games in their matches with St. Catherine and St. Francis. The seventh grade defeated Blessed Sacrament but fell to Collegiate. Eighth Grade lost to St. Mary of Derby but rebounded to defeat St. Mary of Newton in the second match. Next Saturday will be last of the regular season. Eighth Grade will be at Blessed Sacrament playing Resurrection at 10:45 and Magdalen at 12:15. The Seventh Grade will have a single match against All Saints scheduled to begin at 12:15 down in Derby at St. Mary. Sixth Grade will have matches against St. Margaret Mary at 11:30 and 12:15 played at St. Francis. win_20161001_09_04_21_pro win_20161001_09_05_20_pro win_20161001_09_07_02_pro win_20161001_12_19_05_pro win_20161001_12_20_40_pro win_20161001_12_30_43_pro win_20161001_12_33_01_pro
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