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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Big Tournament Week

The 8th grade tournaments began on Saturday with the boys winning their game and the girls losing a hard fought battle. The 6th grade boys will start up on Tuesday, and the 6th grade girls begin on Thursday. The 8th grade girls will play again on Wednesday and the 8th grade boys on Saturday. We are hosting the 8th grade boys tournament and will have games Tuesday and Saturday. We can still use help for those games.  Links to complete tournament brackets and to volunteer to help are available on the right side of the page. If planning to attend games be aware that adults pay a $2 admission fee for the games. Students and grandparents are free.
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Wednesday, January 27, 2016


The CSAL post-season tournaments will be starting soon. I will send the brackets out as soon as I get them. We will also have a link available for you to view them here as well. I will update the link as soon as I receive an updated bracket from the host school. We will be hosting the 8th Grade Boys tournament here at Holy Cross and will need lots of help running the concession stand, taking admission and doing the clock and keeping the score book. You should receive an email shortly from signup genius inviting you to sign up to help. There is also a board located next to gym with time slots for workers listed. Please be aware that schools do charge admission to the tournaments to help pay for costs of awards and other expenses from hosting a tournament. It is usually $2 for adults with students and senior citizens admitted free. Below are some pictures from the most recent 7-8 grade girls games.WIN_20160109_134022 WIN_20160109_134151 WIN_20160106_185104 WIN_20160106_185029
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Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Week Ahead

A very busy week as our teams will have nine games during the week. Things start out Monday when the 6-7 grade boys travel to St. Francis for a 4:30 game with St. Francis. Later that night the 7-8 grade girls will have a 6:30 game at S.E.A.S. Tuesday three teams will be having games. The 6th grade girls are at Resurrection for a 6:30 game and the 8th grade boys also play at 6:30 but at St. Mary--Derby. Finally our 7-8 grade girls are here at Holy Cross for a 7:30 game. The 8th grade boys turn right around for a game Wednesday at St. Peter--Schulte and a 5:30 game. Thursday both 6th grade teams are at Holy Cross for games. The boys playing at 5:30 and the girls at 6:30. Things end up on Saturday with the 8th grade boys having an early 8:00 game at Blessed Sacrament and the 6th grade girls have a noon contest at St. Mary--Derby. See the calendar section of the blog for more details on the games. With all the games practice time will be limited so players should check with coaches on when any practices will occur. Below are some pictures from games this past week.The boys teams won their hard fought games. The 7-8 grade girls picked up a big win. The sixth grade girls are fighting hard and showing some good improvement. WIN_20160104_200212 WIN_20160106_184817 WIN_20160106_185029 WIN_20160106_185104 WIN_20160109_134022 WIN_20160109_134151
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Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Week of January 4th

Things pick right back up following the Christmas Break. Monday night the 6th grade teams will be playing at Holy Cross. The boys will play SEAS at 6:30 and the girls Collegiate at 7:30. The 7-8 Grade girls will have a 7:30 game at St. Thomas against St. Patrick. The 8th Grade Boys will be at Holy Cross Tuesday night for a 6:30 game against Resurrection. Wednesday the 7-8 girls will play St. Joe Ost at 6:30 in a game at Collegiate and again on Saturday at St. Jude when they will play Christ the King at 2:00. The 6th grade teams will be at St. Thomas for Saturday games. The girls will play St. Margaret Mary at 1:00 and the boys St. Thomas at 2:00. Practices this week will be working around games. No practices on Monday. The girls will have a short practice Tuesday. Then things will be normal schedule on Thursday and Friday. The girls teams will practice 3:45-5:30 on Thursday and the boys 5:30-7:30 Thursday and 3:45-5:30 on Friday. Below are photos from the 7-8 grade girls game at St. Mary-Derby yWIN_20151216_192925 WIN_20151216_193204
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