Sunday, December 6, 2015

Week 12/7 Events

Last week three of our teams were scheduled to have games. The 8th grade boys defeated St. Peter 33-13. The 6th grade boys defeated St. Francis--Black on a forfeit. The 7-8 Grade Girls fought hard but were defeated by a very athletic Holy Savior team 27-12. This week games continue with the 6th grade boys playing Wednesday at Resurrection at 5:30. They will be playing Resurrection. Three teams will have games on Saturday. Both 6th grade teams will be at Resurrection for games. The boys will play St. Catherine at 9:00 and the girls will play St. Francis at 11:00. The 8th grade boys will also play St. Francis but their game will be at Magdalen with a 2:00 start. Practices this week will be a bit different due to the Band concert Thursday. The girls will go at their regular time 3:45-5:30 on Monday and Tuesday. They will go shorter on Thursday. The boys will be regular on Tuesday 5:30-7:30 but will not practice on Thursday. Friday they will go 3:45-5:30.
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