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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Results from Monday

Three of our teams were in action Monday night. The Sixth Grade boys defeated St. Thomas 35-21. They had good balanced scoring and played with a lot of effort. The sixth grade girls team fought hard but could not get the ball to go into the basket and lost 18-7. The 7-8 grade girls team play the S.E.A.S. upper division team and kept it close in the first half before SEAS pulled away for a victory in the second half. The 7-8n girls will play our final game before the Christmas Break when they travel to Derby to play St. Mary--Derby Wednesday night at 7:30 . WIN_20151214_194002 WIN_20151214_193851 WIN_20151214_193739
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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week of December 14th

As we enter the final week of games before the Christmas Break. I want to first review the games of Saturday. The 7-6 grade boys started the day off with a good victory over St. Catherine. They are currently 3-0 for the season. The 6th grade girls lost a hard fought game with St. Francis 16-14. It was their first game this year and played well. The 8th grade boys had little trouble with St. Francis winning 57-4. This next week games will be played on Monday and Wednesday. Monday we will be hosting games at Holy Cross and both sixth grade teams will play. The boys will play St. Thomas at 5:30 and the girls will have a 7:30 game against Magdalen. The 7-8 grade girls will be at St. Peter Schulte and have a 5:30 game against SEAS.  They also play St. Mary-Derby down in Derby with a game beginning at 7:30. Practice schedule will adjust a little on Thursday due to the Christmas program Thursday. The girls wont practice on Monday due to games. They will practice Thursday 3:45-4:45. The boys will practice Tuesday 5:30-7:30. Thursday they will practice with the girls 3:45-4:45 and Friday 3:45-5:00 Below are pictures from Saturday's gamesWIN_20151212_091036 (2) WIN_20151212_091036 WIN_20151212_113240 WIN_20151212_113328 WIN_20151212_113350 WIN_20151212_114138 WIN_20151212_121247 WIN_20151212_114605
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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Week 12/7 Events

Last week three of our teams were scheduled to have games. The 8th grade boys defeated St. Peter 33-13. The 6th grade boys defeated St. Francis--Black on a forfeit. The 7-8 Grade Girls fought hard but were defeated by a very athletic Holy Savior team 27-12. This week games continue with the 6th grade boys playing Wednesday at Resurrection at 5:30. They will be playing Resurrection. Three teams will have games on Saturday. Both 6th grade teams will be at Resurrection for games. The boys will play St. Catherine at 9:00 and the girls will play St. Francis at 11:00. The 8th grade boys will also play St. Francis but their game will be at Magdalen with a 2:00 start. Practices this week will be a bit different due to the Band concert Thursday. The girls will go at their regular time 3:45-5:30 on Monday and Tuesday. They will go shorter on Thursday. The boys will be regular on Tuesday 5:30-7:30 but will not practice on Thursday. Friday they will go 3:45-5:30.
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