Sunday, September 27, 2015

Saturday Volleyball Games

The volleyball teams had some good matches Saturday with the 7-8 grade team winning both of their matches in two games.The sixth graders had two hard fought three game matches and came up just short in both.WIN_20150926_103502 WIN_20150926_104308 WIN_20150926_104345 WIN_20150926_104457 WIN_20150926_104625 WIN_20150926_104737 WIN_20150926_111840 WIN_20150926_112034 WIN_20150926_112657 WIN_20150926_113048 WIN_20150926_113252 WIN_20150926_113532 WIN_20150926_113613 WIN_20150926_114012 WIN_20150926_114027 WIN_20150926_114706 WIN_20150926_114759 WIN_20150926_114839
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