Friday, September 25, 2015

The Week Ahead

Tomorrow both volleyball teams will be in action. The Sixth graders will be here at Holy Cross for two games. They will play All Saints at 10:00 and St. Joseph at 10:45. The 7-8 grade team is at Magdalen for their games. They will play S.E.A.S. at 10:00 and St. Joseph at 11:30. Practices for the volleyball team next week will be a little different. The Sixth graders will practice Monday and Friday 3:45-5:00. No practice for them on Wednesday. The 7-8 team will practice Tuesday  3:45-5:30 and Friday 3:45-5:00. No practice for them on Thursday. I did receive notice on the locations for the post-season volleyball tournament. The Sixth Graders will play at St. Mary in Derby and the 7-8 Grade team will be at Magdalen. The earliest the tournament can start is October 13. They will not seed the tournament until after the games on October 10. Soccer will play its final game on Thursday against the Classical School. The game will begin at 4:30 and by at the Styker Soccer Complex. Soccer practice next week will be on Monday and Tuesday 3:45-5:30.  
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