Friday, September 18, 2015

Upcoming Games

On Saturday our volleyball teams will be back in action, and boys soccer will have its next game on Monday. Our 7-8 Grade girls volleyball team will be playing here at Holy Cross against Christ the King in a natch beginning at 8:30. We will be hosting matches here all morning and into the afternoon. The Booster Club will have a concession stand open for the matches and would be grateful if any of you could come out and help for and hour or so. The 6th Grade Volleyball team will have two matches at St. Mary--Derby. They will play Blessed Sacrament at 10:45 and then St. Jude at 11:30. Click on the Calendar of the matches for the address and map for St. Mary--Derby. The boys soccer team will have three games next week. They will play the Wichita Warriors on Monday. That game will be at the A.Y.S.O. field and then have games here at Holy Cross on Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday's game will be against C.C.A. and Thursday with Classical School. Once again click on the calendar of the game for address and map to Monday's game. We will meet here right after school is out to head over for the game and can give rides to any who need them. Only volleyball will have practices next week, since the boys will be busy with games. The girls will be on their regular schedule with the 6th graders going Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3:45-5:00, and the 7-8 grader Tuesday and Thursday 3:45-5:30 and Friday 3:45-5:00. I will post pictures from the games next week as well. With our hosting games wont be able to take any of the 6th grade games. If any of you take any send them to me and I will try to get them posted.
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