Friday, September 4, 2015

September 4th Update

This week will see our soccer team playing two games and our volleyball teams starting their matches on September 12th. All schedules are now available in the calendar section of the blog. As we begin to have home matches and games please consider helping at the concession stand the Booster Club will have going. Middle School parents should receive an email showing when workers are needed. Others may contact me at if you would be interested in helping. The soccer played well and hard in their game against C.C.A. Even when they got down they did not give up and kept showing great effort to the very end. They will have two games this week, both at Holy Cross. On Tuesday Berean Academy will travel down from Elbing to play in a game starting at 4:00. Then on Thursday the Wichita Home School Warriors will come to the Holy Cross soccer field for a 4:30 game. Volleyball will have one more week of practice before their first matches. The 7-8 grade team will practice Tuesday and Thursday 3:45-5:30 and then on Friday 3:45-5:00. the sixth grade team will practice on Wednesday and Friday 3:45-5:00. The volleyball teams first matches will be on Saturday, September 12. The 7-8 graders will be a St. Francis for two matches the first starting at 10:45. The sixth graders will be at Magdalen for two matches as well but with an early 8:30 start. More details in next week's post. I hope you will be able to come out and support our teams this season. All of our players and coaches have been working very hard and showing a great deal of improvement. Finally the Booster Club fundraiser is well underway. This year families are selling coupon books to raise the funds we use for our athletic program. Please help us with the project by selling the books if you have a child in school and all can help by purchasing a book.  
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